Westkam officially acknowledged as a winner of BASF’s “Connected to Care” initiative

Westkam were presented with certificates and officially congratulated at the BASF 150th birthday celebrations in Ludwigshafen last Sunday. The open air festival which was tipped to be attended by over 12 000 visitors, mostly from the local neighbourhood, was a culmination of a week long programme of events to commemorate 150 years since the world’s largest chemical company was founded. As… Read more →

Westkam awarded €5000 in BASF’s competition “Connected to Care”

In March this year, Westkam member and BASF employee, Deniz Akyol together with colleagues, entered Westkam into an internal BASF competition to bid for funding to build a well at the school in Bakoko, West Cameroon. The competition called “Connected to Care” was open to all BASF employees and required entrants to write a description of the organization they support… Read more →

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