Africa meets Tübingen! Informing the public about Westkam’s work at AfrikAktiv (23 -26 July 2015)

Thousands of visitors from all over the world flocked to the 6th Edition of AfrikAktiv,in Tübingen, which is an annual festival to promote African arts and culture. This year the focus was on Cameroon, and politicians, businessmen, artists, researchers, non-profit organisations and other prominent guests from all over Africa joined together to network and celebrate through an inspiring 4-day programme of events.

afrika festival tuebingen 2015 004

Westkam presented an information stand during the four days of the festival and informed attendees of our successes and progress in projects so far, as well as our aims for the future. We also advertised our annual mango campaign and sold packets of dried mangos to interested members of the public.

A bilateral economic forum took place on the second day of the festival where the diplomat to Cameroon Jean-Marc Mpay and the CDU City councilor, Dr. Silvie Nantcha, who originally comes from Cameroon were attendees.  The cultural programme included traditional dance, ballet and a wide selection of modern African music, drawing on jazz and techno influences.

The presentation of Westkam’s work at this event was highly worthwhile and we are very grateful to all those festival attendees who donated to support our work. A special thanks also goes out to the members of Westkam who were able to work on the infostand during the festival.

afrika festival tuebingen 2015 005

For further information about the festival programme please see the official website:

Do you know of an event you think Westkam should attend? We would love to hear about any opportunities to inform the public of our work.


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