Mango Campaign

Buy tasty mangos and support Westkam!

Every year Westkam raises a large proportion of its fund through the highly successful mango campaign which it has become involved in over the last four years. The idea for this campaign came through a number of other charity organizations who also participate in the annual mango campaign.

The advantages of this campaign are:

  • A good healthy product for a fair price to consumers
  • The farmers in Burkina Faso get a fair price for their mangos
  • After paying the farmers for the mangos, the rest of the proceeds go directly towards Westkam’s projects

Westkam takes orders for crates of fresh mangos, individual mangos and packets of dried mangos. Westkam has a special arrangement with farming cooperative in Burkina Faso. The mangos are imported from Burkina Faso to Reutlingen where our customers collect their orders directly from Gilbert. We also deliver mangos to customers in other places in Baden-Württemberg, Hessen and Rheinland Pfalz including Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen and Frankfurt.

The mangos are only delivered three times during the harvesting season: at the end of April, in mid May and at the end of May.

The farmers in Burkina Faso are guaranteed a good price for their product and the rest of the proceeds are collected by Westkam to go towards renovating and rebuilding the school in Bakoko.

Here is what some of our friends and supporters say about the mangos they have ordered in previous years:

“This year we found the mangos especially tasty, they ripened quickly and we are now eating the last few… Is it possible to organise a further shipment? Thanks!”

T. Kunz

“I would like to thank you again for the tasty mangos! My colleagues and I were impressed by the taste and quality. If you expect another shipment please let me know.”

“Your mangos were very popular with us. Is it possible to send you an order for more?”

“We tried your mangos from the Weltladen in Stuttgart-Wangen and they tasted so good that we immediately bought six, then we bought another three and now they are sold out…  would it be possible to order some more?”

Westkam are now taking orders for 2015! Go to our online order form for more information.

We would like to thank the charity organizations who also take part in the mango campaign for giving us the idea and helping us join this scheme.

Africa Festivals

Since 2009 Westkam has attended Africa Festivals in Balingen, Metzingen and Reutlingen. Active members of Westkam supervised small information stands and informed interested visitors of Westkam’s work. In particular, Westkam’s members provided information about Westkam’s the building and renovation of the school in Bakoko. We had a small collection of jewelry for sale and also sold dried pineapple and mango to promote our mango campaign which will run every year to raise funds for further Westkam projects. Of course we were very grateful for the kind monetary donations. The money raised from attending the Africa festivals will be used directly to buy materials for the school in Bakoko.

Thank you very much to everyone who has supported us at Africa Festivals in the past few years! We hope to see you at upcoming festivals!

Other Fundraising Events

Sponsored Fun Run

The pupils of the Laiblin School in Pfullingen take part in a sponsored run every year and each year they choose a suitable charity to support with their sponsorship money. In the autumn of 2013 the Laiblin School chose to support Westkam. Pupils enthusiastically asked family, friends and neighbours to sponsor them per lap of the school running track. In the maximum time limit of 45 minutes, 216 pupils ran 2392 laps and raised over €3500 for Westkam!

We would like to say a big thank you to all of the pupils at the Laiblin School as well as the parents, friends and teachers who supported the event!

Do you know of any fundraising event which Westkam could become involved in? We would love to hear your ideas! Please contact us at:

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